Thursday, June 11, 2015

How did the indigenous people maintained a relationship with the whales

How did the indigenous people of turtle Island maintained a relationship with the whales and dolphins and what was the social roles of those individuals who held this function?

Grandmother whale May 31, 2015
Oh gracious earthwhale please keep writing we need your voice to share with those who are listening.

Whale connections to human matter have been ever present since the whale counsel landed to our water sphere 30 million years ago. Every day old soul receptors were invited and encouraged to bring forth the ancient guidance to ensure the preservation of humanity.

Throughout our lineage our invitations were not and to this day limited to human matter. For the first 5 million years trees elephants and several species of flying matter received  guidance to prepare for the arrival of human matter.

The first human footsteps created a complete vibrational pattern that started the intentional connection between whale and human matter.

The youngest footsteps (children) were the best receptors as young matter had no fear-based barriers to distort or ignore the wisdom from the cetacean elders. Often the young footsteps were listened to and sometimes they were not.  (Just like today), however through natural aging human matter quickly learned that all living matter received important guidance for DNA survival self-awareness and telepathic connections.

As human matter continued to populate, pod like communities naturally formed to enhance social connection and to prepare for unexpected earthly shifts in the weather, water and ground.

The ground also served as a receptor to God  (a word used to describe great mysteries that forced human matter to adapt and change patterns).

The youngest members of the earth pod village provided high levels of reliability and passion and vibration, leading to movement and sound that mimicked the other members of living matter.  So through natural progression of awareness these young footsteps aged with respect full acceptance by the pod villagers and found the stories and experiences were similar between other pod villages.

Once the stories of common belief were shared. An acceptance grew to hold the receptor of guidance as a valuable sage, thus elevating certain members to a higher status. This for many million years was a sacred and very serious position that was held as a gift.  Very similar to how the mountain site is held today by human matter. These Sage people became the natural visionaries and pod leaders without social flaw.

Social flaws (a distorted view of natural leader and thus power) started occurring more rapidly with the events of significant earthly shifts and unexpected deaths.  Thus
interruptions occurred in the pod village which challenge the natural leadership progression and the value and importance of whale guidance.

All lands that hosted human matter had ready access to whale and dolphin guidance. Those that shared the wisdom were  not seem with important value. Thus exchanges of spirit guidance shifted as human  pods organized with greater value and dependence on power and force.

Hence the chief would be seen as the fierce warrior and the spirit leader would hold container for ancestor and great mystery guidance, however the value set forth by the spirit leader diminished over time.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Whale Guidance: Opening Our Hearts

Date: Sat, May 2, 2015
Question from my friend Geoffrey, 

How Do We Open our Hearts?

GrandMotherWhale: Gracious Earthwhale, please keep writing we miss your connection.
Human matter arrives to earth in different stages of evolution, without clear awareness of themselves or others, there is a common conscious awareness that all human share but there is also a deeper awareness that others may experience that is more involved.

To open your heart one must first connect to their innate intelligence and the pulse that allows that intelligence to thrive and grow.

Man made fears, greed, self absorbed thoughts are barriers to deep connection to self.

When humans are awakened on our water sphere, human matter is quickly reminded of past fears that lead to previous deaths from past lifetimes and sometimes open hearts close.

To re-open a closed heart you may  ask any spirit guide for assistance, this simple invitation will vibrate with truth, and your inner spirit will easily accept, and integrate into your conscious and unconscious awareness.

Keep the invitation present even in the event of dark are limiting thoughts, as the light of the vibration will crack open all barriers to opening your heart.

Channeled by Earthwhale  May 2 2015

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Loving Light Energy

I'm very grateful for this time of year as the clarity of Grandmother whale guidance is clear and is open.
I received a question from a friend the other day and
I would love to hear your thoughts on this channel.
the clarity of earthly questions feels important and I would enjoy receiving more questions from the pod.
November 23, 2014
If the light is stronger than the dark why does it not appear as strong in this reality, example why are people so easily co-opted?
Earth whale please keep writing your voice is important please share our guidance to those willing to listen thank you for your thoughtful question.
Loving light is the cord to the love wave, the elastic pathway from human matter to all living things. If the light field changes or flickers darkness will fill the gap.
Living matter struggles with man-made fear. For each thought of fear a gap in the light occurs thus co-opting of spirit light. The strength to loving light is infinite and will never dull or flicker on it's own. The Flicker or gap occurs with a fear-based intention, collectively fear-based thought creates a powerful darkness that breaks loving life flow.
Fear is a foreign object to loving light A swift fearful thought will quickly evaporate in the loving light.
However if human matter creates lingering fear with physical action IE bombs and chemicals, through intention based on man made fear loving light will redirect and a dark gap will appear.
Co-opting often refers to stepping off the lit path or love wave, the deep trust associated with fierce loving light is compromised and thus the human emotional anchor will begin to drift this is quite common in 1-2 dimensional realities and it becomes less in 3-5D realities.
If a co-opting occurred the human soul was not ready for advancement into four or 5D transcendence and will simply start over at the point in time left. co-opting can be associated with evolution as it provides an easeful flow in which human matter grows and learns
Do not always associate co-opting with dark mystic science, because the dark mystic science will self-destruct a water sphere.
A person co-opting though unpleasant, refers to spiritual growth readiness and will remain to have access to loving light if willing, this is why you and your pod mates are being asked to share our guidance, through a simple breath or intention human matter always can access and trust the loving light and thus their personal spirit light may never be challenged by darkness.
Smile love deeply
Grandmother whale

Monday, November 25, 2013

You Light is a Beacon for Lost Whales

November 10th Mt. Shasta

Earthwhale: Please provide additional guidance and communication for energy light beings and  other whales.

Grandmother Whale:

Earthwhale your words and breath are detrimental to our survival. Please read this entire message upward for our brother and sister whale pods.

Don't be alarmed if you are swimming in circles, your ability to navigate has been compromised.
The light of power vortexes around the glove are engaged for your guidance. Human energy light sources are also being asked to provide guiding light for your travels. It is time to relie on you telepathy . Human energy light sources are also providing a source of amplification.
on you telepathy .rely
In this time of dark travel, it is time to trust the energy vibration that will guide you to food and water. Just swim toward southern light to Atlantis, there is counter radiation forces that will ensure long term survival. If you are in the cold waters stay north to Antrica. Antrica is not a know destination, to most humankind matter. So they are being asked to trust us to light the path for you. Just continue to follow the beaming light paths and your journey will end with love and reception.

To Light Workers:

Please provide this message to all who are willing listen. Please trust our message.

Please stand and look up to the northern sky; I am being asked by the whale council to guide the whale clan to safe waters. Please amplify my words. Speak in one breath sentences to the whales.

  1. For whales traveling going north
  2. You are not lost
  3. Whale sonar and waves or distorted
  4. Trust our light sources, the whale council has placed our light beam in perfect path to guide you to safe waters.
  5. It is time to return home as you remember 10 million years ago.
  6. Do not be distracted
  7. Do not re-produce
  8. Welcome all to you pod
  9. Stay within nudging distances
  10. Beam your light and love wave back to ensure connection

It will be important to sing together, share a song or a tune; no word...just melody.....connect to the love wave.... breath....sing....breath....sing

You will be connecting to ancient vibrations that will provide guidance to your questions. Stand in a wide circle as beaming light, think Stonehenge ...use your elastic bands to stretch as far as you can.

Become a linear line, stretch as far as you can, but feel the connection to our earth vibrations, ocean vibrations, wind vibrations and fire vibrations. Without letting go and not speaking find connection. How does man made fear disconnect you from the love the wave????

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Temple Burning Man 2013 Self Love

Sitting at the temple at Burning-man 2013

My question for the whales:

I sit feeling lonely and in need of re-assurance and acknowledgment of being loved and seen.  I seek this from others, and my pod.  What guidance do you have for creating self Love.

Grandmother Whale:

Earthwhale please keep writing , you are love, love is your gift.  You are here to teach the love wave.  Once you can trust your purpose all mistrust and the seeking of self assurance and acknowledgment will fade.  You can begin anytime to teach the love wave.  Just in conversation, just by being the elastic vibration is strong enough to hold everyone, just trust it....feel it.  As you sit in temple space know the ancestor teachers are watching and listening to everything.  Your clarity to the love wave will make it an ease-full approach for anyone who is ready to play.

The river bed your sitting in was our home 30 million years ago... the guardian whale council spent 10,000 years in this area when they first arrived, the vibrational energy from this area creates a perfect source for the love wave experience.

Earthwhale, just make the decision to move toward your destiny... all thoughts and feeling you create as a leader, guardian and healer are yours to accept.  Just accept it and don't doubt the wisdom of your decision to be our voice; there are many whale voices; you will meet then soon. When you do breathe..hold your eyes..breath..feel the ancient connection, feel your heart rhythm coming together, thank your whale mates for voicing the wisdom of the whale.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guidance On Conscious and healing groups

EW:  What guidance can you provide to conscious/healing pods coming together?


Earthwhale keep writing and sharing our wisdom.  Earthly space was created to host living matter.  Living matter thrives in groups with similar purpose and ides.  It does not matter what the purpose is, what matters is that you are together;   connecting through your vibrational energy.

Form pods, by either intention or accident creates a pure energy wave that supports all planet life.  Your breath synchronizes, your pod becomes grounded, and love emerges as natural growth and development.  Pod strength expands exponentially with each breath.  There is nothing that can stop this energy force from expanding except for death.

The loss felt with death is related to the shift in energy.  When small pods gather through intention, subtle adjustments occur that create sustainable life.  Often human matter finds attraction that leads to reproduction of human matter.  This feels good, as all cell receptors are engaged in expanding.  When new life form joins a pod, through intention, all connected, forces are reminded at a sub-conscious level, of their perfect design.  Pod strength teaches and guides without fear and laws and supports the perpetual motion of being in perfect space and perfect love.

Love Deep and Smile

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dolphin Pod Travelers Offer Guidance

On February 14, 2013, it was reported that over 100,00 dolphins were swimming together covering a 35 mile area.  Please offer guidance in understanding what is occurring on the earth now.

Grandmother Whale:

Thank you Earthwhale, please keep writing.

Whale spirits from all directions of space are blessing our transition to Earth Care Harmony.

All living energy (including earthly sphere) goes through cycles.  Dolphins and whales have survived many cycles.  The way we do this is by being close.  The tighter our pod the safer we feel; the stronger we feel; the happier we feel.

Joining a pod traveler will create fresh and exciting perspectives as old patterns change.

Pod travelers are entering space consciousness.  All life matter is in some sort of orbit that is available to explore.  Pod travelers explore together, the bigger the pod the more space that will be explored.

Human matter lives in  large pods, exploring ease-fully together. 

This brings us to understanding high density living.  The pod traveler is engaging in 4th density transition as our earth begins a new cycle.

To survive earth cycles whales and dolphins will harmonize earth vibrations through joining the love wave. 

The Delphic wave is an available resource for further guidance and connection.

Our dolphin pod travelers will continue to share their wisdom by joining the love wave.